Thank you for visiting our web site. Although Sun Connections is very much dawning as a service provider in this sector (although very experienced in delivery of them!), we are looking forward to the new day ahead feeling excited and thinking positively.

And at the start of any new challenge these are the same thoughts and feelings we want to support and enable our Children and Young People in sensing and experiencing too. So how do we do that?

Our high-quality ‘rainbow’ of services support children and young people who encounter challenges and difficulties to develop the resilience to engage in a variety of different learning settings. They will be struggling to maintain the calm and alert / active and outgoing states necessary to enable learning and growth and instead present as distressed and dissociative, and possibly use aversive behaviours that serve to protect them but impede access to learning.

We work from research-based Attachment and Trauma informed approach and practice. At very core of this is our belief that positive relationships build brains, and for growth to take place a developing brain needs to experience physical and emotional safety.

It is now established scientific fact that trauma is a common experience to us all and one we can manage with resilience if we have supportive relationships and core skills in regulating or seeking co regulation of our emotions. However if trauma is highly intense or repeated over a sustain period of time Toxic Stress results which is highly damaging.

The good news is even the most traumatised brains are malleable and repairable and the prescription is relationships.