Support Services, Training & Consultation

For families, schools and other agencies working with Children and Young People seeking to create safe, stable and secure relationships with Children and Young People; the type of relationships that support, maintain and connect with them, encouraging their engagement in learning.

Informed by the principles of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) alongside Attachment and Trauma informed practice these services will support your family or organisation thrive not just survive.

Green Programme

Outcomes – Build family bonds and resilience

For families. Informed by the Principles of DDP Level 1&2. This service is primarily aimed at supporting Adoptive and Foster parents and their children and young people. It is also suitable for any Parents who are experiencing difficulties in communicating with and managing the behaviour of their children. Our Learning Facilitators will support
parents and their children in adopting a range of attachment and trauma recovery strategies and approaches which will enable them to connect and build resilience.

Dependant on family needs the Learning Facilitator will meet with parents and child for 1 hour each week decreasing to fortnightly and then monthly.

PLEASE NOTE This service is a therapeutically guided advisory support service, not therapy.

Blue Programme

Outcomes – Attachment and Trauma Informed Awareness Training for Schools and other agencies working with Children and Yong People

Training for all settings, working with Children and Young People in how attachment and trauma impacts on the developing brain’s ability to engage in learning. The training will encourage participants to increase their knowledge of how early relationships form the developing brain and how it responds differently when it senses threat or when it is in a safe and secure state. Participants will then develop their understanding of interventions and approaches that enable children and young people become calm and alert and ready to learn.

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Indigo Programme

Outcomes – Assessment, Maintain Safety, Building Security, Creating Stability

For settings, agencies and services who have completed Attachment and Trauma informed training in the past and aspire to embed them firmly in the ethos and structure of the organisation. This is a consultation service which will be highly bespoke to where the setting is currently, based on an audit of their current policies, processes and practice.

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